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Perspective Co-Op helps individuals reach their goals by providing individualized support plans, tools, and education to thrive
Licensed home and community based care for Disability Waiver participants in Otter Tail County, Minnesota and beyond
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Perspective that is person-centered and grounded on individual strengths with a presumed competence for people with disabilities

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Collaboration with parents, guardians, and support team providers based on a shared mission and outcomes

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Opportunities that are formulated for a safe, supported, and empowered life

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Positive Support Services


Person-centered, proactive plans that address challenges, enhance a person’s quality of life, and promote positive skill development.

Special Education Advocacy

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The Individual Education Plan (IEP) process can be difficult to navigate. Get help to provide a clearer path to effective collaboration and a successful IEP.

Respite and Adult Family Residential Services


Services, training, and/or habilitation for adults in need of short or long-term care. This can range from just a few hours a day to live-in residential services.

Additional Services


Perspective Co-Op provides a variety of services and resources to help people with disabilities reach their goals. Read our full list of services offered.

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About Me

Amanda Musolino-Olson

Owner, Perspective Co-Op

With over two decades of experience working with individuals with disabilities, I have a well-rounded understanding skill set that enables me to conduct functional evaluations, collaborate with families, and multidisciplinary teams, and develop and monitor individualized program plans.


In addition to the Perspective Blog, I've gathered a collection of useful, free resources that I love from experts for individuals with disabilities, their family, and support teams

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Perspective Blog

Monthly blog from Perspective Co-Op including resources, news, and more 

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Don't IEP Alone Toolkit

The IEP Toolkit, created by Lisa Lightner, is full of advocacy support tools 

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Charting the LifeCourse

LifeCourse Tools and Materials explore possibilities and available options

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Licensed home and community based care for Disability Waiver participants in Otter Tail County, Minnesota and beyond.

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