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Licensed home and community based care for Disability Waiver participants in Minnesota and beyond

Positive Support Services

Perspective Co-Op develops and implements person-centered, proactive plans that address challenges, enhance a person’s quality of life, and promote positive skill development.


I have been exploring ways to use my extensive history and expertise in the disability and special education field to expand my services and am currently working on adding clients and building a caseload for Positive Supports. I meet all qualifications for Professional Positive Support Intervention Services including: • Meets all Positive Support Professional Qualifications in subdivision 2 of the MN statutes 245D.091. • 22 years of professional experience.  • Master's Degree in behavioral sciences or related field with demonstrated expertise in positive support services, as determined by the person's needs as outlined in the person's assessment summary. • Experience administering functional behavior assessments and creating individualized intervention plans. • 245D and related state statutes and policy compliance. • Elsevier/Direct Course registered learner and learning administrator.

Respite and Family Residential Services for Adults

Services, training, and/or habilitation for adults in need of short or long-term care. This can range from just a few hours a day to live-in residential services.


Highlights: • Licensed for Adult Foster Care/Family Residential Services since 2019. • Full-time or part-time residential support is offered. • Wheelchair-friendly home includes a spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower and grab bars. Front enterence ramp being added in 2024. • Family foster care setting where the license holder resides in the home. The perfect fit for long-term family residential services: • The person joining our home and family life should be able to be left at home alone for periods of time. • May need assistance with medication management, attending appointments, and following through with treatments. • No current or past issues with violence, aggression, or verbal and physical misconduct.  • This person needs to be able to tolerate and benefit from living in a shared space. In addition to myself and my fun-loving, outspoken husband, our family includes a very spirited 7-year-old daughter and her very helpful 20-year-old big brother. We also have a loving and protective Great Dane with aspirations to be a small lap dog. The perfect fit for short-term respite services: • In need of short-term or temporary care. • This person may have more complex needs than a long-term, residental client. • No current or past issues with violence, aggression, or verbal and physical misconduct.

Special Education Advocacy

The Individual Education Plan (IEP) process can be difficult to navigate. Get help to provide a clearer path to effective collaboration and a successful IEP.

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Many schools and experts recommend enlisting third parties, like Perspective Co-Op, to help communicate and advocate with your child’s team and be prepared to make sure their needs are addressed effectively.

Additional Services

Perspective Co-Op provides a variety of services and resources to help people with disabilities reach their goals.

Read our full list of services offered.


• Enrolled Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) Provider NPI/UMPI: A882428100 • Behavior Program Services – Positive Supports • Behavior Program by Professional • Respite Care • Crisis Respite Care • In-Home Family Support • Specialist Services NPI/UMPI:A617609300 • Foster Care Adult Family • Respite Care • Certified CDCS Support Planner

Learn More About Perspective Co-Op Services


In addition to the Perspective Blog, I've gathered a collection of useful, free resources that I love from experts for individuals with disabilities, their family, and support teams

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Perspective Blog

Monthly blog from Perspective Co-Op including resources, news, and more 

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Don't IEP Alone Toolkit

The IEP Toolkit, created by Lisa Lightner, is full of advocacy support tools 

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Charting the LifeCourse

LifeCourse Tools and Materials explore possibilities and available options

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Licensed home and community based care for Disability Waiver participants in Otter Tail County, Minnesota and beyond.

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